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Basic information

The region Campania is located on the west coast of southern Italy and has an area of 13595 km² and about 6 million inhabitants. Campania consists of 5 provinces, the capital city Naples (Napoli), Caserta, Salerno, Avellino and Benevento.

Castel dell’Ovo & Volcano Vesuvius (Vesuvio)

Geographically Campania consists in the central eastern part of a hilly and mountainious environment, called the napolitanian Apennines. Near the capital Naples is the volcano Vesuvius (Vesuvio) located, with a height of 1277 meters, he counts to the relatively small vocanoes of Italy, but the history of Vesuvius shaped the history up since today with the remained fossils of Pompeii (Pompei) and Herculanium.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Apart from Pompeii also the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Ville Oplontis, the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento National Park, Padula and in the locality of Capaccio the well known Paestum are not only important sights but also all included and protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Furore at the province Salerno

Amalfi Coast

On the west coast are located severall beautiful coastal sceneries, like the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) where small coastal localities such Positano or Furore (see photo) are located.

Very popular is also the peninsula of Sorrento located in the Gulf of Naples which offers a beautiful view to the islands of Capro, Ischia and Procida.

Nature Reserves

Among the recognized national parks of Campania belongs the Parco del Vesuvio as well as Cilento Vallo Diano National Park.

Very nice are also the caves on the slopes of Mount Alburni located and got the name of the Grotto of Castelvicita. This Cave is about 52 meters deep and has the charateristic stalactites and stalagmites.

Marine Nature Reserves

Among the Marine Nature Reserves protected areas belongs the Marine Park of Marino Punta Campanella (Parco di Marino Punta Campanella). The region Campania has much to offer from culture to nature a bit of everything and is particularly suitable for a nice vacation or holiday on southern Italy.

Provinces in the region of Campania
Avellino Benevento Caserta Naples
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